Once Upon A Time

Nestled between the trendy restaurants and expensive clothing stores in
downtown La Jolla sits Thumbprint Gallery. Its owner, Johnny Tran,
creatively displays different artistic talent monthly in Thumbprints limited
space. This months feature artists, Mimi Yoon and John Park(both based out
of Los Angeles), put their pieces together in the ³Once Upon A Time² debut.

Mimi Yoon’s seductive symphony shows her subjects at their most vulnerable
state. Her portrayal of an emotion best hidden behind bedroom doors and
favorite pillows is projected beautifully. A sea of sensual hair flows
downward from a woman’s face, while expanding its unpredictable waters to
the paper boats, which dare to cross its vastness. With the female form in
full view, yet hidden, and tears so realistic they may slide off the canvas,
her painted images yearn to speak of their misfortunes.

John Park’s creations run through the emotions, but at a slightly darker
level. His remarkable ability to transition multiple layers, with no
apparent relation, then blend them together with unrealized precision, pulls
the viewer into the intriguing depths of his art. The background blooms
with bright colors while partially covered words and faces swim within. Then
the lustrous canvas seems to bleed the subjects pigmentation, leaving them
colorless in their stained glass reality. Though different, these two
concepts complement each other remarkably well.

The phrase, ³Once Upon A Time², gives the false notion of happily ever after
and Cinderella dreams, but these collections tell a different version of the
story we forget exists. A dark satiric view filled with loss, sadness, and a
sense of what could have been. These two artists convey realism many are
able to feel. It is magical, thus unforgettable, and this inspires the
viewer to take another look.

*The ³Once Upon A Time² exhibition will continue until July 8th, so swing on


Written by: Carmae