The 9th Annual Art Around Adams

Art Around Adams is a wondrous display of art and music, creatively put
together by the local Adams Avenue businesses. Not to be confused with
other Adams Avenue events, the artists do not display their creations in
blocked off streets, but rather inside the businesses themselves! This new
and intimate concept is a fantastic way to bring ones community together
while enlightening their minds with eye and ear candy.
This family friendly event included 56 artistic showcase locations, 9
performance stages, as well as occasional street corner musicians and a life
size robotic giraffe. However, those without the aide of the event program
may have found it difficult to locate the specific shops that hosted an
artist. Bridgette Dice’s showcase gave you the feeling of being in a
dream-like state. Her tasteful presentation of the female form combined
with surreal notions allowed you access into her fantastical mind. Monty
Montgomery sat focused in the sunlight while he blissfully composed a
vibrant one-of-a-kind piece. The Art Kills Artists booth was strategically
placed behind Art Lab where a stage was also set-up. ³The Assembly of
AwesomeNESS² was located inside Art Lab and featured a collection of pieces
from several proficient artists. Art Labs melting pot of talent overflowed
with abstract notions, political statements, and individualized concepts
that only a creative hand could capture.
Along with the plethora of artist locations, there were stages set up in
random areas along Adams Avenue. The Blindspot Records Stage was nestled in
the long space between the pumps under the gas station’s protective awning.
The Car Wash Stage was…..well….in front of the car wash and the beer
garden could be found in the patio area of DiMille’s Italian Restaurant. A
trio of performers claimed one of the street corners and rocked out on the
harmonica, bass, and guitar and were a visual and auditory pleasure.
If you were busy, or just did not know about the ³Art Around Adams²
event, I suggest you put the idea in the back of your head and if all goes
well, you will remember to go next year. If you were able to come and
support your local business, artist, or band you get two-thumbs up because
you are awesome

Written by: Carmae