Your Mom

At the end of a hallway, located near the corner of 7th and B street
(Downtown), there is a rabbit hole where time doesn’t matter—just
inspiration. Follow the stairs downward, as Alice once did, and you will
discover Zepf Alt Gallery. Owned by Andrew Estrada, Zepf Alt was a working
gallery turned art show. Literally located underground, the Zepf Alt Gallery
opens its doors to the public eye during the opening day(and occasionally
the last) of each showcase. Don’t fret if you miss the announced dates,
because one email to Andrew Estrada and a scheduled appointment will get you
a pass into this enchanting gallery.

Those who had missed the opening of ³Your Mom² had a second chance to view
this remarkable collection on May 25th for its final showing. This artistic
dedication, which opened on Mother’s Day weekend, was collaborated by
Enrique Limon and featured original works from 37 different artists. Each
piece, a personalized depiction of memories lost, moments forgiven, and
mothers loved, hung on the walls like good grades on the fridge, with pride.

With the theme intact, the front room handed out waters and baby bottle
cocktails, while a movie played silently in the background. Near the back
wall in the gallery, sat a mother approved floral sofa, coffee table, and
rug. The mom inspired pieces brought together the different emotions and
experiences each artist felt towards their muse, transferred from the heart,
through the hand, to the canvas. The result was memorable, not only to the
artist and audience, but to the mothers who were able to view their
one-of-a-kind pieces.

A high-five goes to all the featured Art Kills Artists artists (past and
present), as well as those who displayed their talent for the first time and
the repeat offenders for the brilliant portrayals of their mothers.

Zepf Alt Gallery

Written by: Carmae