Taylor Higgins

Its a cliche, but I find it to be a valid one for myself, that is, as life changes around me everyday, there is some unexpected influence to be taken from it. Lately, I like to think of  titles for pieces, some may arrive from something seen or heard, I like to write the ideas down, then as life occurs , often it contributes  to that title idea. Something I believe will always be a constant in my style or concepts, is contrast. Often dark areas in myself or the world around me, to find light to contrast the dark, or good to fight the evil. One more cliche I find a valid one, for art, is to remain true to who you are, I find talent these days to be great, but very many to act as if they have nothing to say in art, personally I believe, if you keep your mind constantly moving and thinking, looking for progression, art can even be used as a powerful contribution to society.