Emelie Sophie

I am Emelie Sophie Ahlström from Sweden, 21 years old and a self taught artist interested in art from a very young age. I am a person that has big dreams about future, life, and art. Like, that my art will become worldwide! I have dreams about going to art class in the U.S – New York or France – Paris. One day maybe? But, I have three educations, hairdresser, painter, and bartender. But art will always be the thing I live for, it is a lifesaver in my case. But enough talking about myself let me write something about my art. So my art… I am a portrait artist with a twist. I always add something to make it different, and so it sticks out a little bit more. If I should say three words that describe my art, it would be, dark, sexual and glamorous. But this is just my words. What inspires me to make art is music. Music and art go hand in hand. But movies, series, and history are a big influence too! I work with lead pencils only, but I am training with colors right now so maybe someday it will be a portrait in color? When I start with an artwork, I always have an idea in mind. And this is little bit annoying, because sometimes I can come up with something in mind that I want to draw when I am on a bus or at 4 o’clock in the morning… When I’m sitting with a piece of art, I sit and draw the whole time, no pause. Sometime I sit in 6-9 hours. I can’t stop till it’s done! So it’s all I have to say this time. I end with some words that are important to remember. A world without art, is an ugly world, it doesn’t matter what art you are doing, painter, musician, or a writer. It’s beautiful… Emelie Sophie Ahlström

My fan facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/byemelieahlstrom?ref=hl

My Instagram: @ahlstromemelie