Kan Dee

My name is Sandra Forsman, but working as an artist and designer under the name Kan Dee. I am 26 years old and live in Sweden. Since a little kid I’ve always been very creative, loved to draw and paint, loved to create my own toys, loved the drawing classes at school.

2009 I opened an own webstore online called Kan Dee Shop, where I sold t-shirts and stuff with my art as print. Famous people and fashion bloggers like Kenza Zouiten and Fanny Lyckman wore my designs. Unfortunately it ended up with me working way to much, I didn’t have the time to draw and paint anymore and my shop become more and more commersial with more and more simple digital prints. It grew to become something that no longer felt like was really me. So I closed my shop just recently to let myself rest and to be able to concentrate and focus more on my art. Oh! And I also run Swedens largest art blog: www.kandees.com.